Nationalization Program

Course Coverage

Equip the young talented nationals to be successful professional bankers and help them develop the skillsets to be the future leaders and work in critical jobs specified by central bank

Who is it for?

  • Graduates
  • Trainee or Junior Level Staff
  • Mid-level management
  • Senior-level management

These programs are limited to nationals


  • Develop sound banking knowledge at a foundation level especially a working knowledge of the core functions of the Bank
  • Develop skills required for a Professional Banker to perform in critical roles specified by central bank
  • Develop Personal and management skills to perform effectively at the workplace
  • Understand the changing nature of the industry dynamics in the disruptive era and embrace the change

Course Range

This program is designed as a two week introductory program for candidates to understand the functions and services of a bank

Management Trainee Program

This program is a two week interactive program designed for candidates to understand the roles and functions of their assigned departments

Graduate Development Program

These programs are customized for different finance areas to enable existing staff to either excel in their current roles or be promoted to a higher role.

Customized Training Program

Specialized technical coaching on specific topic areas for candidates to meet objectives for their critical role

Technical Coaching

These programs are highly customized to help executives meet their professional objectives

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Assessment Analysis

Through our Assessment Analysis Program, our aim is to effectively allocate newly hired Nationals to the appropriate departments, The technical assessment will lead to a detailed gap analysis of relevant skills and suggestions for a Learning Development Plan. Our ‘best practices’ have been gathered through years of working with leading global banks and financial institutions and are field proven.