Certificate in Finance and Technology

Certificate In Finance And Technology

About the Course

Emerging Market Financial Training provide CFT exam coaching which embeds one to one coaching, tests and mocks as well as classroom training where appropriate.

Each program is customised based on the requirements of the business and the individual and regular feedback is provided based on a predetermined set of goals and objectives.

The coaching will be bespoke for the participant working on their weak areas to ensure targets are achieved as well as working to maintain or increase their ability in their stronger areas. Progress tests will be set using the online platform– this will ensure we can monitor the progress of each individual and more importantly the individual can track their own progress. A complete mock will be set at a pre-determined stage to ensure any warning signs are received as early as possible and to highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Who should attend?

Anyone working in finance technology, or with the aspiration to do so.

Study Program

Module 1: The Financial Services Industry

Module 2: Debt

Module 3: Equity

Module 4: Project Management

Module 5: Business Analysis

Module 6: Software Engineering

Module 1: Derivatives

Module 2: Foreign Exchange

Module 3: Alternative Investments

Module 4: Payments and Cryptocurrency

Module 5: System Architecture

Module 6: UX Design

Module 1: Asset Management

Module 2: Risk and Capital

Module 3: Data Science

Module 4: Enterprise Security

Module 5: Cloud Computing

Module 6: Programming Languages

The weightage for each module is equally distributed across all three levels

Level I

  • The Financial Services Industry
  • Debt
  • Equity
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Engineering

Level II

  • Derivatives
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Alternative Investments
  • Payments and Cryptocurrency
  • System Architecture
  • UX Design

Level III

  • Asset Management
  • Risk and Capital
  • Data Science
  • Enterprise Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Programming Languages

Why study for this certificate?

  • Develop a strong foundation: The CFT covers the fundamentals of finance and technology to ensure you thoroughly understand the banking process, how technology assists, the deeper company perspective, the wider industry movements and your role within these.
  • Be empowered to innovate: CFT tutors are themselves leaders in their fields and share their insights and experiences to help you to make confident, intelligent decisions based on what’s happening in the industry right now and not theoretical knowledge. You will be able to create solutions that are more dynamic and relevant.
  • Show firms you mean business: The commitment and study time required to gain the CFT qualification shows people in the industry that you are serious about your career.
  • Fast track your career progression: The knowledge and skills you gain on the CFT program will help you accelerate to positions of increased responsibility and leadership.

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