Course Coverage

This course aims to build up one’s knowledge base in digital transformation happening around us. Explore how the technological enhancements are making changes to current processes and creating opportunities for financial institutions Understand benefits and the direct impact through practical use cases on disruption and innovations in financial services  

Who is it for?

  • Broker Representative
  • Compliance Officer / Anti-Money Laundering Officer / Internal Controller
  • Trading Manager / Operations Manager / Clearing Officer
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Promoter

Course Range

Course has been designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to understand the framework and ensure better decision making and implementation.

FinTech Strategy

The course aims to train on interest rates, commodity and currency hedging using advanced derivative strategies and their application in hedging.

FinTech Awareness for Team Leaders

Assess current economic scenarios of the G7 nations and the implications on the financial markets, for policymakers and investors alike.

FinTech Awareness for Frontline Employees

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