Corporate Banking

Course Coverage

Corporate banking is the largest profit center for most of the banks typically serving a diverse range of clients. Our courses train on products, advanced risk evaluation techniques and relationship management. 

Who is it for?

  • Relationship Management Professionals
  • Credit Managers
  • Islamic Finance Professionals
  • Treasury Officer
  • Corporate Bankers

Course Range

To equip participants with best practice skills and tools to enhance client interactions and relationships, resulting in improved sales outcomes.

Advanced Relationship Management

Learn about principles and practicalities of asset finance products. Detailed understanding on the most profitable and safest strategies to be acquired for different asset classes. 

Asset Finance

Gain in depth understanding of market dynamics important for banks, as well as experience the emotions of managing a bank over a loner time horizon. 

Bank Manager Simulation

Key stages in bond Issuance process, documentation required, responsibilities of participants and regulations. 

Bond Finance

Best practices to prepare cash flow statements and finance forecasts, analyzing financial statements better. More on understanding liquidity and portfolio investment returns.

Cash Management

This course is designed to provide delegates with a clear and simple explanation of the time value of money and how it is used in practice

Credit 360 Program

Gain a hands-on practical experience of challenges in making credit decisions and managing a credit portfolio in a competitive and dynamic environment. 

Credit Manager Simulation

Learn about debt financing theory and debt products, understand yield curves and manage currency and interest risks, asset securitization.

Debt Finance

Detailed discussion on Financial statements and financial measures to access the creditworthiness of a business.

Financial Statements for Corporate Bankers

 This course provides skills needed to evaluate the financial standing of small and medium sized enterprises. The course covers business risk, business activities, performance and analysis of financial health for management.  

Financial Statements for SME Bankers

Focus is on understanding this form of financial instrument, risk assessment, delivery, need identification, and selling opportunities. 

Invoice Discounting

This course equips participants with the best practice and background knowledge to enhance their job performance and understanding of Islamic Commercial Lending. 

Islamic Commercial Lending

Explore how Islamic Banking has evolved, the products, regulatory framework and application of Sharia Laws

Islamic Finance

This course is designed to cover the purpose of syndicated lending, motives of participants and the key processes involved. Understand how syndication plays a key role in contemporary banking. 

Loan Syndication

 Gain thorough insights of professional relationship management skills, designed to meet your specific needs and requirements using practical and effective tools and skills. 

Relationship Management

In this course, we train financial professionals to keep pace with developments and growing pressures of regulatory, governance and compliance issues.

Risk Management

Practical and detailed products knowledge discussions. Elaborating on how trade finance team can mitigate risk and provide working capital solutions for importers and exporters.

Trade Finance

Learn about treasury products with practical use cases for the products and any risks and market insight.  

Treasury: Products Masterclass

This course will equip treasury officers with the right cash management skills to maintain their company’s long and short term cash needs

Treasury: Sales

Learn about treasury products with practical use cases for the products and the operational aspects of the products.  

Treasury: Operations

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