CISI International Introduction to Securities (IISI)

CISI International Introduction to Securities (IISI)

About the Course

The International Introduction to Securities & Investment offers a broad introduction to the financial services professional sector, with a specific focus on investments from a global perspective. It is the foundation exam for many higher level CISI qualifications. The qualification focuses on international markets and covers key financial principles and products in depth.

The qualification also offers an introduction to financial services regulation and ensures candidates are provided with an understanding of ethical behaviour and acting with integrity.

Who should study the certificate?

  • Fresh graduates or final year students and staffs looking to enter the investment industry
  • Staffs responsible for making investment decisions, including administration, finance and accounting, IT, customer service, sales and marketing and HR and training
  • New employees in brokerage, financial planning, investment advisory, wealth management and asset management industry.

Why study this certificate?

    • The qualification is a regulatory requirement by the Securities & Commodity Authority for a number of job functions within financial services.
    • In the CISI’s qualification pathway, it can be taken as a stand-alone qualification or as part of the Investment Operations Certificate (IOC).
    • Candidates become associated with a Chartered professional body and take advantage of an extensive range of benefits

SCA Mandated Job Functions

      • Broker Representative
      • Compliance Officer/Anti-Money Laundering Officer/ Internal Controller
      • Trading Manager /Operations
      • Manager/clearing Officer
      • Risk Management Officer
      • Promoter

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