Asset Management & Sovereign Wealth Funds


Course Coverage

Our trainers have extensive first-hand asset management and senior industrial experience. They know what works in practice.

Who is it for?

  • Broker Representative
  • Compliance Officer / Anti-Money Laundering Officer / Internal Controller
  • Trading Manager / Operations Manager / Clearing Officer
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Promoter

Course Range

Course has been designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to understand the framework and ensure better decision making and implementation.

Asset Allocation Simulation

This knowledge will give you an edge when it comes to making financial decisions better and understand investors psychology and underlying reasons for investors pitfalls to strengthen an advisor-client relationship.

Behavioral Finance

Learn about different commodity trading and investment perspectives, practical trading strategies and optimize commodity derivatives as a robust trading and hedging tool

Commodities Investing

This course provides __(economic?)__ methods for forecasting economic and financial variables relevant in a banking context.

Economic Forecasting

Course gives a more formal understanding of HFT along with its possible benefits and drawbacks, staying informed about current trends and future.

Economic Fundamentals Simulation

 Stocks are a critical part of any investment portfolio. Our course help to understand how they work to make better decisions about investing and their valuation.

Equity Investing

Learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas to be a superuser. This will greatly help you in financial analysis and financial modeling.

Excel for Financial Professionals

We offer a full suite of fixed income courses including an introduction to fixed income, repurchase agreements, and yield curve analysis.


External Funds Investment

Learn the key tools to conduct business analysis and practice how to construct a comprehensive financial model with financial statements.

Financial Modelling

In-depth understanding of best practices for bond portfolio management techniques and how it can deliver sustainable returns and manage risk. Also, learn about effective investment strategies to maximize risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Fixed Income Investing

Start from the basic operations at an Investment Bank to imparting core practical training which includes analyst accounting, Discounted Cash Flows or DCF Modelling, Financial Modelling and M&A Modelling.

Fundamentals of Investment Management

Learn to effectively manage FX transactions with a thorough understanding of FX market and its related instruments from both a hedging and trading point of view.

FX Hedging

Learn to calculate returns against benchmark and measure investment performance effectively. Implement risk-adjusted measures and use attribution of recent developments to increase the consistency of your results.

Performance Measurement & Attribution

Learn the different guidelines for selecting appropriate asset classes and the most-recent techniques of asset allocation.

Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation

Learn about valuation techniques, funding options, financial projections on a project or property and investment performance evaluation overseas and in emerging markets.

Real Estate Analysis & Valuation

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