AML & Compliance


Course Coverage

This course covers an understanding of the essential procedures and controls that firms must have in place to prevent those risks is a fundamental part of this program. Enabling the use of some appropriate tools and resources to combat. It also explains the obligations of firms and their employees under the applicable laws and regulations and the potentially severe consequences for themselves and their firms if they fail to comply with them. 

Who is it for?

  • Broker Representative
  • Compliance Officer / Anti-Money Laundering Officer / Internal Controller
  • Trading Manager / Operations Manager / Clearing Officer
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Promoter

Course Range

Course has been designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to understand the framework and ensure better decision making and implementation.

Basel III & Regulatory Requirements

The course aims to train on interest rates, commodity and currency hedging using advanced derivative strategies and their application in hedging.

Derivatives & hedging

Assess current economic scenarios of the G7 nations and the implications on the financial markets, for policymakers and investors alike.

Economics & Capital Market Expectations

Understanding various types of equity, why and how they are issued by companies, and equity pricing.


Course gives a more formal understanding of HFT along with its possible benefits and drawbacks, staying informed about current trends and future.

Equity Trading & High Frequency Trading

This course is designed to provide delegates with a clear and simple explanation of the time value of money and how it is used in practice


Financial Maths

Our course focuses on the role of financial accounting principles Analysis and processes in creating and reporting an organization’s financial statements.


Financial Reporting & Analysis

We offer a full suite of fixed income courses including an introduction to fixed income, repurchase agreements, and yield curve analysis.


Fixed Income

Understanding how Forex markets work and how firms use FX deals.

Foreign Exchange

The course defines different hedge funds investment strategies and the requirements of a successful prime brokerage business.


Hedge Funds and Prime Brokerage

Learn how derivatives markets function in the market and how the laws and regulations of the country interact with them.

ISDA Documentation

Explore how Islamic Banking has evolved, the products, regulatory framework and application of Sharia Laws.

Islamic Finance

Understanding the trade life cycle of different securities from execution, capture, enrichment, confirmation, settlement, reconciliation.

Life Cycle of a Trade

The course provides a better understanding of treasury products and services, money markets, enabling treasury deals with accuracy.

Money Markets & Treasury

Understand full suite of structured products and their applications.

Structured Products

Learn trading with hands-on approach. We simulate by providing up-to-date strategies and real-time data to enhance your understanding of the markets.

Trading simulations

The course explains valuation adjustments in pricing and valuation in relation to counterparty risk, collateral, funding, capital and initial margin.

xVa Counterparty Risk

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